Starting mid-February we will be selling Essential Oils!


What is an essential oil?

Essential oils come from the seeds, bark, leaves, stem, flowers, roots or other parts of a plant. These parts are processed to create pure and highly concentrated oil. The oil is an aromatic volatile compound, meaning that it changes from a liquid to a gas form very quickly and is perfect for aromatherapy. These oils are can be used to improve both the physical and mental states of a person.

What makes the dōTERRA a High End Product?

The quality and potency of the essential oil depends on many factors like; the time of day the plant is harvested, the geographical location where the plant is growing, the method and duration of distillation, the weather and the year the plant is grown. DōTERRA ensures that it gets its plant sources from the geographical location that plant originates from and uses locals to harvest the plants at just the right time to ensure the highest quality of the product.

Once the items are harvested dōTERRA uses a specific distillation process. The quality of the oil can be impacted during the processing phase by using too much or too little heat and/or the amount of pressure. DōTERRA uses the ideal low grade steam pressure to pull the oils out of the plant.

DōTERRA also does third party testing, meaning they use various laboratories to test for purity and quality from the harvest, during the distillation/processing to the final product so that it produces Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality oils. There is currently no regulation of essential oils in Canada, meaning you can buy oil at the grocery store. It will pass for safety as long as it comes from the plant it says it comes from but may not be coming from the right part of the plant to be therapeutic and may not be tested for pesticides and other harmful chemicals. DōTERRA has chosen to invest the time and money to ensure the quality of their products.

How do you use essential oils?

There are 4 main ways you can use essential oils.

  1. Aromatically: you can circulate the aroma through the air using a diffuser, or spray bottle or even a couple drops into your hands and breathing in the aroma.
  2. Topically: you can apply the essential oil to specific areas of concern, to the feet, back of neck or spine as well. Usually the essential oil needs to be used with a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil, oil olive, etc) to reduce skin sensitivity. Each oil will have specific instructions
  3. Internally: some oils can be used internally, meaning you can use it with cooking, in capsules or placing a drop in your mouth. Each oil will have specific instructions.
  4. Environmentally: A lot of essential oils have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal cleansing properties, meaning you can use them as cleaning products. You can make your own moisturizing cream with essential oils

Who are essential oils for?

  • Those interested in natural remedies: to supplement not replace medical treatments
  • Individuals who want to promoting a healthy lifestyle for themselves
  • Individuals that enjoys the pleasant aroma throughout the house
  • Individuals that want to use natural cleaning solutions at home
  • Individuals that want to promote relaxation and good sleep naturally
  • Individuals whom can’t take pain medications and are looking for natural solutions
  • Anyone that is interested to learn more

How to Combat the feeling of “I’m not good enough”

How to Combat the feeling of “I’m not good enough”

Test yourself against a loving voice is the exercise.

Self acceptance and self-love is not a destination but a journey.

Who here has said to themselves, “I should have done this or that” “I’m the most terrible person for thinking this or doing that or feeling this?” I know I have, many times on my life.

The feeling of shame is rampant in our society. How many of us are walking around everyday thinking and feeling we are not good enough? I can only speak for myself and say I’ve been there, many times and still struggle with this.

I tend to get caught up at the past and demand that I should have known better or done better. It is easy to get caught in this because when we look back we have the benefit of experience and wisdom to see we could have done something differently. What we forget to reflect on is, knowing what we knew then, did we do the best we could?

The object of our self-abuse, the “whip” that we hit ourselves with is the word “should”. Why is it so hard for us to accept that we did our best? Elizabeth Gilbert author of “Eat, Pray, Love” suggested in a talk that perhaps we suffer because we refuse to let ourselves “off the hook” for perceived mistakes. We refuse to let ourselves be human, learn and grow from our experience. Side note: We are talking about the day to day struggles and mistakes, not criminal acts.

Not only are we unable to cut ourselves any slack but when we get into the “I’m not good enough” thought process and emotion we then do the cruelest thing to ourselves which is to be alone with our thoughts.

Why do we do this to ourselves? How do we get ourselves out of this feeling and thought process?

Elizabeth Gilbert’s suggestion to combat this “not good enough” feeling is to test yourself against a loving voice. Imagine someone who is the kindest, gentlest person that could never judge you in your life, whether a friend or family member or God or Mother Theresa. Write down the thoughts and what troubles you then respond to yourself in the voice of this person you have imagined. What would they say to you? Write it down. Whatever your negative thoughts are, write it down in the context of a conversation with the kindest person. This is an exercise you can try when your by yourself.

Even better would be to exit your loneliness and get around people who love and care about you. Because the thing you can quickly discover is that you are human and your emotions and thoughts are human. You will also discover that you are not alone in these thoughts/feelings and having social support can be amazingly healing.

Fear is contagious but so is courage.

Starting mid-February we will be selling Essential Oils!

What is an essential oil? Essential oils come from the seeds, bark, leaves, stem, flowers, roots or other parts of ...
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How to Combat the feeling of “I’m not good enough”

How to Combat the feeling of “I’m not good enough” Test yourself against a loving voice is the exercise. Self ...
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