Karen Petko Registered Kinesiologist

Not every company is as lucky as we are to have an amazing team member, such as Karen. You may or may not have met Karen but we truly felt the need to showcase her in this month’s newsletter.

Karen has been with High Tech Physiotherapy since 2001 and with ECO Physiotherapy since 2014. She elevates our client’s treatment experience by sharing her knowledge and experience in body motion and strengthening. She helps transform the physiotherapist’s vision of your recovery into action.

Karen gained her BAKin at Western University and since then has dedicated herself to learning and growing her abilities. She has gained skills in postural assessment, upper/lower extremity assessment, designing and implementing return to work programs and designing and implementing exercise programs.

Not only is she an amazing, integral part of our rehabilitation team, she also wrote and published her own book! She took her knowledge of core and ball exercises and integrated them into a simple to follow book.

We are showing our support by featuring it this month. If you want to show your support, pick up a copy today at either of our locations.

$20.00 for book. Ball not included.










And Now…. For Karen’s “Kin Perspective”

The KIN perspective

Have you ever used a stability ball as part of your workout routine…if not NOW is the time to try!

The benefits are endless…

  • improves your overall balance, posture, strength & flexibility
  • your entire body must work to stabilize
  • focuses on deep postural muscles
  • strengthening these core muscles prevents further injury
  • training with a stability ball results in a strong & stable core

Having a strong core enables you to stabilize your spine as you move, lift & respond in an ever-changing environment.


Karen Petko Registered Kinesiologist

Special Feature – Karen Petko’s Book