Should I book for physiotherapy or massage therapy for my injury?

We recommend clients see a physiotherapist first for an assessment to determine the cause of your pain. Massage therapy is great for addressing the muscles and myofacia, where as physiotherapy takes a more overall approach to address injuries. This includes manual therapy, exercise prescription and modalities for pain. In some cases both services are helpful and in others a more active approach is needed .

Depending on your individual plan, most companies cover physiotherapy and massage therapy. It is always good to review your policy or call your insurance to get an idea of your coverage. We will also double check your coverage on the first visit.

Are we covered by OHIP?

Our clinic does not accept OHIP

Do we do direct billing to insurance?

Yes. If your insurance company allows us to.

Do I need a doctor Referral? 

We do not require a doctor referral to treat you. However, your insurance company may require one. It is always best to double check with your insurance if you need a doctor referral.

What do I need to bring?

Your insurance information and doctor referral if you have one.

How should I dress?

Comfortable clothing is best. Depending on the injury, shorts or short sleeve shirts can help us access the body part easier. If you forget we do have gowns available here.

Is there parking?

Yes. We are located in a large plaza with lots of parking.

What Should I expect on my first visit?

We advise clients to come 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork. We will also double check your insurance coverage. Then you will be brought to an assessment room by the Physiotherapist where they will ask you questions related to your injury and health history information. Then they will perform a physical assessment which includes, but may not be limited to range of motion, muscle testing, nerve testing, and special tests. After the assessment the physiotherapist will provide a bit of treatment and will inform you what you need to do to get better.

How long are treatments and how many appointment?

Physiotherapy treatments vary in time depending on the area of injury and the severity. Generally treatments are around 45 minutes in length. How many treatments depends on the injury and severity. The physiotherapist will inform you of how many visits after they complete an assessment.